About Us – Our People

One of Fall Line Systems’ great strengths is our people, and the connections among us. We operate as a virtual organizational network, made up of exceptional consultants. Every member has a well-established, independent consulting practice, based upon:

  • commitment to client service
  • a deep knowledge base
  • a history of ethical work.

We regularly consult with our network members, who provide us with depth, insight and support regarding complex consulting assignments. We have a long history of trust in each other, alignment of values, and a high regard for each others’ skills. Together, we build extremely effective consulting teams to support the customized needs of our clients and our projects. We provide here synopsized profiles of our network members.

Georgel original

George Campbell [Principal]

George Campbell is ‘Fall Line’ founder and Principal. George’s consulting practice brings together solid expertise in leadership, strategy, team effectiveness, facilitation, decision making, problem solving and organizational effectiveness.


Carolynl original

Carolyn Campbell [Principal]

Carolyn Campbell is an economist with a business and teaching background. She adds depth, rigor and a strong ethical compass to our services.



Johnl original

John Bargman [Network Member]

John Bargman is an expert at getting business systems smoothly implemented into the fibre of organizations.


Murrayl original

Murray Hiebert [Network Member]

Murray Hiebert is a best-selling author on leadership, professional development and organizational effectiveness.



Robinl original

Robin Stuart-Kotze [Network Member]

Robin Stuart-Kotze is a best selling author on management and organizational behaviour, a leading organizational consultant, and a researcher in leadership style and effectiveness.


Ursulal original

Ursula Wohlfarth [Network Member]

Ursula Wohlfarth is an authority on increasing the effectiveness of internal departments and technical specialists and for improving individual and departmental alignment with organizational strategy.



Billl original

William H. Taylor [Network Member]

Bill Taylor is an expert in negotiations, conflict resolution and adult education.



If you wish to contact any of our network members directly, please do so. We highly recommend their services.