Our People – Carolyn Campbell

Fall Line Co-owner Carolyn Campbell is an economist focusing on sustainable development policy and programs, particularly water allocation and greenhouse gas reduction. She supports other Fall Line projects as a ‘shadow consultant’, adding depth, rigor and a strong ethical compass to our services.

Carolyn’s resource base is extensive. The first woman to receive a simultaneous BA / MA in Economics from Yale University, she was also the joint recipient of the 1990 Gold Medal of the University of Western Ontario’s MBA program. She worked as an economist at US Trust in New York City, a financial planning analyst for NovAtel and Nortel in Calgary, a senior analyst (performance indicators) and lecturer in finance and economics at the University of Lethbridge, and an IB history and social studies teacher at Western Canada High School in Calgary.

Carolyn has a BA and MA from Yale University, an MBA from University of Western Ontario and a BEd from the University of Calgary.

Carolyn is the past editor of the Alberta Social Studies Council Journal, and a supporter of human rights and environmental initiatives locally and globally.

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