Our People – George Campbell

George, Fall Line’s principal consultant, has been consulting to leaders, teams and organizations since 1975. He first worked as an internal consultant (for a government agency, power utility and an oil and gas company) and since founding Fall Line Systems in 1986 has been a consultant to a broad range of organizations.

George’s consulting practice brings together solid expertise in leadership, strategy, team effectiveness, facilitation, decision making, problem solving and organizational effectiveness. He is known for offering practical, straightforward advice to clients along with a commitment to the client’s success. George believes that healthy workplaces are vital for our society and he knows that good workplaces can only survive in organizations that are able to produce significant value in the form of profit or exceptional services.

Over the years George has worked with clients in a very wide range of industries. He has extensive experience in the upstream oil and gas business, helping clients implement change and integrate operations in exploration, petroleum land, offshore drilling, plant operations, liquids marketing and midstream. He has also worked with clients in power utilities, energy convergence (power, gas, and gas transmission), software development, gasoline marketing, information systems outsourcing, and government services for youth and employment.

George has a BBA from Acadia University and a MAdult Ed. from St. Francis Xavier University.

George is an accomplished back country skier, an avid hiker and an aspiring country blues guitar player. His recreation, community and family life provides inspiration and a solid base for his professional work.

Feel free to email George directly.