Our People – Murray Hiebert

Murray Hiebert leads a worldwide consulting organization specializing in professional development and organizational effectiveness. With clients ranging from multinational companies through government agencies to small entrepreneurial organizations, his proven specialty is leadership and professional productivity — leadership development; developing internal professionals and world-class internal consulting groups; career management, change management, coaching and strategy development.

Murray’s experience in a multinational company included positions as technical training advisor, senior management development advisor, organizational effectiveness consultant and human resources manager. Experienced in both internal and external consulting, Murray has worked in Canada, the USA and worldwide, from the Arctic Circle to Brazil and across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Winner of the Practitioner of the Year award, Murray has presented on the topic of internal consulting and professional productivity at professional gatherings all over North America. His publications include The Encyclopedia of Leadership, published by McGraw-Hill Business Books, New York (2001) and Powerful Professionals: Getting Your Expertise Used Inside Your Organization.

Murray has a BSc and MSc and Diploma, Chemical Engineering from the University of Windsor.

Murray is an active volunteer for international development and interfaith groups, and sometimes dreams of being a full time author.

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