Consulting Services – Teams and Team IQ

What is Team IQ?

A strong team can out-think a group of individuals. That is why organizations place so much of their crucial work in the hands, and minds, of teams.

Good teams produce synergy (where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts) in their thinking power so that Team IQ is higher than the simple addition of the members’ IQ’s. These teams make good choices, create original ideas, act decisively and work efficiently-producing extraordinary results. People like being part of teams with high Team IQ and their organizations cherish them.

How to Encourage Team IQ

Team IQ flourishes in the right conditions. The following are foundation pieces that enable Team IQ to grow:

  1. The work of the team must engage the Team IQ. The team must regularly address issues that no one member could think his or her way through or the collective IQ will shrink to fit the size of the questions addressed.
  2. The team members must have a clear understanding of their task (team mandate) and an agreement on how they will work together to accomplish the task (ground rules).
  3. The team must be determined to produce results and disciplined in assessing the results they produce.
  4. The team must build strength in Team Learning, so that it can improve its results and strengthen the methods used to produce their results.

Fall Line Systems specializes in increasing Team IQ. We help new teams start up with very strong initial Team IQ and we help strong, existing teams shift to a new level of effectiveness. Some examples of our work include:

  • CPV Group, XWave, Minerva Technologies, Novagas Canada, Emera Energy, TransCanada Midstream, Mobil Oil Canada — Leadership teams.
  • Esso Resources, Encor, Amoco Canada, TransCanada Midstream, Emera Energy — Plant and operations teams.
  • PetroCanada, Encor, Amoco Canada, Mobil Oil Canada, Esso Resources. Training in Team Decision Making and Problem Solving for teams.

The following projects in our portfolio describe our work with Teams and Team IQ: