Consulting Services – Leadership

Responsibilities of Leaders

Organizational leaders face a daunting set of responsibilities. For example, they must:

  • establish the direction and momentum that leads to organizational success
  • set the climate of achievement, ethical behaviour, safety performance and interpersonal integrity
  • encourage the development and implementation of new ideas
  • prevent major errors.

Behaviour is What Matters

It is the behaviour of leaders, not their personality or their blood lines, that determines whether or not they succeed at meeting their responsibilities. Every action of the leader affects the enthusiasm, skilfulness, alignment, focus and capacity of the people around him or her. Skillful leaders learn to tune their behaviour to the situation and to the needs of the people in a way that produces positive results and maintains the leader’s integrity and core values.

Three Types of Leader Behaviour

We can group the behaviour of leaders into one of three categories. Leaders need to establish the right mix between the first two categories and minimize the third:

  • Momentum-Accelerating (or Leadership) Behaviours. Actions that produce vision, direction, change, driving things forward, increasing effectiveness.
  • Momentum-Sustaining (or Stewardship) Behaviours. Actions that produce optimized results, quality, consistency, better use of current resources, efficiency.
  • Momentum-Blocking (or Energy Loss) Behaviour. Actions that produce confusion, frustration, energy loss, time waste, deteriorating results.

Fall Line Systems has worked with leaders at all levels of organizations to help them produce better results for their organizations and for the people in their organizations, including:

  • Encor Inc. – Coaching executives who had established a team-based organization and who recognized that the teams would succeed only if the executives made substantive changes to their leadership behaviour. One Vice President said, “All the strengths that got me to this level will now get in the way of the teams’ success.”
  • National Energy Board of Canada – Training the top 30 leaders to help them identify and use key behaviours for building a more collaborative and responsive organization and to provide better service to clients and stakeholders.
  • TransCanada Midstream – Coaching leadership teams to work together more effectively and to change the culture from that of Leadership (and entrepreneurship) toward a stronger balance of Stewardship.

Fall Line Systems has developed an alliance with Behavioural Science Systems. We are proud to be able to supply our clients with the unique and powerful Momentum Radar and Executive Results Driver suite of instruments for assessment and feedback on the behaviour of individual leaders, teams and organizations.

The following projects in our portfolio describe our work with Leadership: