Consulting Services – Merger and Acquisition Implementation

Move Quickly

Speed helps. Move much faster through the integration process than seems natural, so that you reach ‘normal operations’ quickly and get on to the business of capturing the value that drove the acquisition or merger in the first place.

Moving quickly during integration can be daunting. Thousands of decisions have to be made in spite of incomplete and unclear information. People’s careers are affected by the choices made. Customer relations, safety performance, financial results and strategic opportunities are at risk. Relationships are disrupted and emotions run high. In spite of all this risk and uncertainty, speed helps the people and the business.

Build the Foundation for Agility

Fall Line Systems helps its clients compress the integration process and improve the quality of the choices made during integration. From Fall Line’s experience, here are some actions that enable you to move quickly and make good choices:

  1. Long before closing, prepare to integrate. During negotiations, identify integration priorities and the strategic values that must be preserved so you can energize your integration teams. Include integration leaders in the deal updates so they can prepare for potential problems and key risks as you move into the final stages of negotiation.
  2. Build the integration plan from solid knowledge of the strategy for the merger / acquisition. Integration priorities must align with the business vision for the deal.
  3. Appoint an integration manager. Project manage integration tasks during two key periods: Agreement—Closing; and Closing—Normal Operations.
  4. Commit to deliverables on key dates. Identify what must be in place prior to Closing; within 30 days of Closing; and within 45 days of Closing.
  5. Build integration competence. Thoroughly debrief the integration process and build templates that affect strategy, deal making, and future integrations.

Fall Line Systems has helped many companies increase the value of their acquisitions and mergers during the integration process, including:

  • ANG / Novagas Canada, forming TransCanada Midstream:
    • acted as integration coordinator
    • helped in identifying strategic rationale, selection process for executives, integration priorities, communication strategy, organizational design and leadership coaching.
  • Talisman / Encor:
    • helped Talisman develop their integration process
    • led transition meetings for new teams
    • led debriefing of merger integration
  • Emera Energy
    • helped define the job of Integration Manager
    • helped coordinate development of transition teams and priorities; identified key risks of pending deals.

The following projects in our portfolio describe our work with Merger and Acquisition Implementation: