Courses – Facilitation Master Class

Aim of the Master Class

Make a step-change in your performance as a facilitator. Get together with a very small group to explore with a master facilitator concerns, ideas and issues that experienced facilitators recognize and need to focus on.


Participants must have completed the Facilitation Skills Workshop and accumulated significant experience facilitating. No more than six participants will be accepted for any Master Class.

Participant Benefits

The small class size and the solid experience level and knowledge of the participants make the Facilitation Master Class a powerful learning experience. Participants have discovered several unique benefits from attending:

  • Everyone focuses on issues that will make a real difference in their performance as facilitators and in the results produced by the groups they lead
  • Participants add real depth to their understanding of facilitation models and processes
  • Participants explore complex issues that require time for conversation and dialogue, and that gain from the rich insight offered by the other participants as well as the workshop leader
  • Participants build their network of ‘shadow consultants’, strengthening their ability to deal with highly challenging facilitation situations in the future.

Workshop Details

The Facilitation Master Class is a one day workshop for up to six participants. For detailed information on the workshop, see the links in the sidebar.