Facilitation Master Class – Typical Agenda

Pattern of the Master Class

The Facilitation Master Class follows a consistent pattern, but the topics covered vary depending on the interests and priorities of the participants. Participants complete a Facilitator Self Assessment prior to the Master Class, and the agenda is constructed from this information.

The detailed agenda is distributed to participants prior to the Master Class for comments and input. Usually, participants have overlapping interests, allowing us dedicated time to focus in depth on four issues that are a priority for everyone. Occasionally the group decides to allocate time for each person to focus on their highest priority issue.

Master Class Agenda

  1. Overview of the Master Class, agreement on agenda items and order.
  2. Facilitation Model review.
  3. Agenda Items-usually four high priority issues, explored in depth. The number of issues, and the time allocation for each is determined by the group.
  4. Action Planning and Coaching-each participant completes an action plan for implementation of the day’s learning.
  5. Summary and Wrap Up.

Typical Agenda Items

Previous Master Classes have addressed the following issues:

Planning and Setting the Stage for Success

  • Establishing a workable agreement with the meeting Sponsor
  • Determining who should attend
  • Structuring the planning process
  • Involving the meeting participants in planning

Starting the Meeting

  • How kick off the meeting so people feel safe
  • How to start with high participation

During the Meeting

  • Reading body language
  • Drawing participation from quiet participants

Ending the Meeting

  • Summarizing commitments
  • Gathering feedback and measuring success

Following Up

  • Definition of success-the facilitator’s accountability for results
  • Meeting notes

Theory for Facilitators

  • Models of change
  • Group decision models
  • Team dynamics
  • Intervention skills