Courses – Facilitation Skills

Aim of the Workshop

Imagine this – meetings as sources of energy and ideas, meetings that people want to attend, where people are impressed by their results!

Good facilitators lead highly engaging and productive meetings, where people make good decisions and commit to action that moves their organization forward. Good facilitation practices are easy to learn and reasonably easy to carry out.

Participant Benefits

Participants and their organizations see results from this workshop right away. Some results that are commonly reported:

  • Increased confidence in facilitating challenging or emotional issues
  • The ability to manage complexity by using a variety of structured decision making and problem solving tools
  • Skills for leading groups engaged in designing, planning and implementing change
  • Skills, tools and conceptual models for use in coaching and providing feedback to other facilitators
  • The ability to motivate team and group members to accept facilitation roles
  • Increase in the Team IQ when groups meet, leading to better decisions, smoother implementation and efficient use of people’s time in meetings.

Workshop Details

The Facilitation Skills Workshop is a two day intensive workshop, accommodating up to 20 participants. For detailed information, click on the links in the sidebar.

Public Workshops

Public workshops are scheduled as follows:

  • University of Calgary, Continuing Education. October 28-29, 2013. To Register
  • University of Calgary, Continuing Education. February 12-13, 2014. To register call (403) 220-2866.
  • University of Calgary, Continuing Education. May 6-7, 2014. To register call (403) 220-2866.