Courses – Problem Solving and Decision Making

Make Better Choices

Problem solving and decision making are the cornerstones of organizational action. Small improvements in the quality of decisions and the solutions to problems have a profound effect on results. Product quality, speed of action, cost control, sales volume, service quality and all other outputs of the organization can be affected by use of the tools we teach in this workshop.

Participant Benefits

Participants and their organizations see results from this workshop right away. At the end of the workshop, participants are able to:

  • Make better choices, more quickly, with higher confidence
  • Involve the right people, use different perspectives to strengthen the thinking, build commitment to implement
  • Gather the right information, focus this information on the issue at hand and produce a well-founded conclusion
  • Identify the root cause of a problem, separate this from symptoms, eliminate the cause
  • Manage risk by anticipating potential problems, preventing problems before they occur and reducing the affect of problems that do occur
  • Facilitate team thinking, involving all team members in decision making, problem solving and planning.

Workshop Details

The Problem Solving and Decision Making Workshop requires two full days, accommodating up to 20 participants. For detailed information, see the links in the sidebar.