Problem Solving and Decision Making – Typical Agenda

Day One


  • Opening simulation
  • Types of questions
  • The four PSDM tools: Decision Making, Problem Solving, Potential Problem Analysis, and Situation Assessment

On the Job Application

  • Review of the preparation work
  • Identification of participants’ priorities

Team IQ

  • How to improve the thinking abilities of teams
  • Facilitation basics for leaders

Decision Making

  • Quick Form Process for Decision Making
  • Simulation
  • Enhancements to the Quick Form
  • On the job application

Day One Wrap-Up

  • Summary
  • Preparation for Day 2

Day Two

Potential Problem Analysis

  • Quick Form Process for Potential Problem Analysis
  • On the Job Application
  • Enhancements to the Quick Form

Problem Solving

  • Quick Form Process for Problem Solving
  • Simulation
  • Enhancements to the Quick Form

Situation Assessment

  • Quick Form Process for Situation Assessment
  • Simulation

On the Job Application and Coaching

  • Work on real issues, using the appropriate problem solving and decision making tool
  • Coaching on the use of the tool
  • Plan for completing the work after the workshop

Personal Application Planning

  • Detailed planning for applying the problem solving and decision making tools at work

Summary and Wrap

  • Summary of the key ideas
  • Feedback on the workshop