Project Portfolio – Business Development Strategy

Pembina Pipeline 2007 - 08


The Business Development team in Pembina Pipelines had achieved significant financial and operational success in the previous two years. They wanted to conduct a comprehensive review of their strategy to make sure they built on their successes thoughtfully and to ensure their initiatives were solidly aligned with corporate strategy.

Fall Line’s Role

Fall Line led a high involvement process for identifying strategic issues, priorities, and solutions. Prior to the strategy meeting, each participant—the full BD team and two senior managers—identified key strategic questions that needed to be addressed. In the meeting the group members quickly sorted, categorized, and prioritized the 44 strategy questions that had been submitted.

The top priority strategy questions were resolved right away in the meeting. Each issue was more precisely defined, risks and mitigation steps identified, action steps planned and scheduled.


The prioritized strategic questions were very quickly turned into a strategy action plan. The participants were highly aligned on the strategic issues and their priorities, and the steps for resolving key strategic questions were very clear. Progress was monitored in short quarterly follow up meetings.

Other Examples

Fall Line Systems has assisted in the crafting of Business Development strategies for Williams Energy Canada, Emera Energy, Novagas Canada, Husky Energy.