Project Portfolio – Deal Debriefing

Emera Energy 2001


Emera Energy’s strategy was to grow very quickly into a major force in the natural gas infrastructure surrounding Nova Scotia’s offshore gas production. In late 2000, Emera Energy took the first major step in this strategy, completing a deal to acquire the assets of Nova Scotia Resources Limited. This was the result of a very long, complex negotiation. As much of the Emera growth was to come through acquisition, it was decided to debrief the deal-making team to identify strengths and gaps in their competencies, and to deepen their understanding of Emera Energy’s competitive advantage.

Fall Line’s Role

Fall Line interviewed 12 of the key players in Emera Energy’s team, in Calgary, Toronto and Halifax. From this data we prepared a report for Emera Energy identifying their current deal-making strengths, key deal making areas to strengthen, the competitive advantages / weaknesses of Emera in this process, and what the team had learned about the competitive environment.


Emera Energy immediately set out to shore up key deal-making weaknesses through training and staff additions. The competitive information was utilized in subsequent deals and in adjusting the corporate strategy.