Project Portfolio – Deal Team / Leader Coaching

Novagas Canada 1996


Novagas Canada (NCL) was one of two companies that established the business of third party ownership of midstream assets in the Canadian oil and gas industry. It had been almost universal practice for the oil and gas producers in Canada to own these midstream assets (gathering systems; gas plant;, liquids lines and other assets classified between producing wells and sales or big volume pipelines), and NCL was at the forefront of establishing this new industry. In many cases, 3rd party ownership of midstream assets could greatly increase the utilization rate, and thus the economics, of the assets but it was difficult to convince producers of the value of this approach.

Fall Line’s Role

Fall Line provided coaching and consulting services to help NCL increase the success rate of its proposals to customers and potential customers. Senior leaders who had influence on the cycle time, negotiation strategy and approval process of major deals received coaching to increase their effectiveness. Deal teams and project leaders were coached to improve their negotiation strategy and to understand the customer point of view.


NCL markedly reduced the internal barriers to the deal making process. The senior leadership team developed a much stronger alignment on strategy and priority; deal teams brought deals to conclusion much faster and increased their success rate; deal team project leaders grew more confident and assertive. Significant improvements were made to the deal infrastructure-templates for customer files, structure for the negotiation process, standard processes for internal review, processes for identifying priority of deals and standards for proposal quality.

NCL grew from a standing start in 1995 to having $500 million of assets under ownership / management in 1998.