Project Portfolio – Landman School

Dome Petroleum Ltd. - Oil and Gas Production Company 1981


Dome Petroleum wanted to radically shift its approach to exploration and production (E&P) toward a much more business-focused model from what it felt was an over-emphasis on geological success. To achieve this shift, Dome hired twenty young, bright business people from other industries and placed them in their Petroleum Land department. To ensure the new staff succeeded, Dome enrolled them in a three month intensive training program in Petroleum Land Management, giving them a solid grounding in petroleum law, contracts, industry economics and basic geology. The graduates started work in Dome’s Land Department, and over time moved to senior positions within Dome and throughout the industry.

Fall Line’s Role

We led the project for strengthening the business practices in E&P. We had two objectives-to ensure the participants learned what they needed so they could be leaders within the company and to ensure the school had a big impact on Dome’s E&P approach before the school was finished. We developed the selection criteria for the participants, designed and led the three month full time school, developed evaluation processes for participants, developed the process for integration of the participants into Dome, integrated Dome’s senior leaders into the school and developed follow up actions to keep the change process moving forward.


Right away the new grads had an impact in the Land Department (20 ‘stars’ added to a department of 110). Within a few years half the grads held senior positions within Dome, and within 10 years many of the grads held very senior positions throughout the oil and gas industry in Canada. They collectively altered Dome’s approach to the E & P business and they have affected the industry generally.