Project Portfolio – Leadership Coaching Program

North American Oil Sands Corp 2007


The Executive Team of North American Oil Sands Corporation wanted a flexible, individualized program to help them each develop their skills and effectiveness as leaders.
h2. Fall Line’s Role

Fall Line Systems designed and implemented a structured leadership coaching process for the leadership team. Participation was voluntary, but each of the top 15 leaders took part.

Each participant completed the Momentum CPI leadership behaviour survey and selected a coach from the team we had recruited. The coach / leader team then developed a set of development objectives and an action plan.


15 different sets of individualized action plans began to get implemented within a month of the project start up. The development activities were very efficient and very personal, as each person worked within his / her schedule and focused on issues of personal importance.

Other Examples

Fall Line Systems has also assisted in the piloting of leadership coaching programs for PetroCanada, Husky Energy, Novagas Canada, Emera Energy, Encor, and TransCanada Midstream.