Project Portfolio – Planning Process

Novagas Canada - Midstream Gas Company 1997-98


Novagas Canada (NCL) grew from a vision of a new business to a solid operating company during 1996 and 1997. In late 1997 NCL had $200 million of assets and 50 employees. It expected both figures to more than double in 1998, and to manage this growth NCL’s senior leadership team needed to establish a regular long term planning process.

Fall Line’s Role

Fall Line helped NCL’s executive design and implement its quarterly one day planning meetings. We helped set the meeting template, coordinated the development of the meeting agendas, facilitated the meetings and built follow up processes. We used leadership style assessment instruments to build the team members’ understanding of each other and to strengthen processes needed to balance team shortcomings.


The NCL executive used the planning meetings to lift their time horizon beyond the day-to-day pressures of their fast growing business and to identify and focus on strategic issues. Priorities were established to ensure key opportunities were realized and potential problems managed. Members of the executive said the planning meetings were an essential component to their alignment with each other and the corporate strategy.