Project Portfolio – Post-Acquisition Integration

Xwave - IT Services Company 1999


In 1998 Xwave, the fourth-largest IT services company in Canada, was formed when NewTel Enterprises of Saint John’s purchased Minerva Technologies of Calgary. The key strength of the new company was also its most pressing challenge-the two pieces of the new company had distinctive client bases, technical strengths, and cultures that could produce an extraordinary competitive advantage when combined. The challenge was to achieve the projected strengths quickly without incurring losses in personnel, customers and momentum.

Fall Line’s Role

Fall Line worked with Xwave’s integration team to develop an integration strategy and timetable. It became apparent that one critical early step was to develop a common vision amongst the new company’s leadership team and so we designed and facilitated a vision-building and planning meeting for the 50 top Xwave leaders. Once integration activities were completed, we worked with the leaders to uncover what worked and did not work during the implementation process to assist XWave in developing their template for integrating future acquisitions.


Within the first six months, Xwave created an integrated leadership team, with solid participation from both founding companies, and developed a clear strategy and plan for achieving the merged company’s objectives. The ‘lessons learned’ from this process were integrated into Xwave’s template for integration, which has been used in four subsequent major acquisitions.