Project Portfolio – Project Review Template

Nexen Inc. 2008


The Facilities Engineering group within Nexen’s Canadian Oil and Gas Division wanted to standardize the process for identifying ‘Lessons Learned’ at the end of capital construction projects. This was the first step in implementing a more formalized project management process for the design and construction of capital projects.

Fall Line’s Role

Fall Line developed a Project Review Meeting template and facilitated the Project Review meetings for 10 significant 2007 capital projects. Each Project Review meeting had representatives from Operations, Facilities Engineering, Maintenance and Senior Management. We summarized the ‘lessons learned’ from each of these meetings.

Together with Project Management Team Leaders we identified key departmental learnings from the capital projects and met with senior management to develop a strategy for improving performance on capital projects.


Facilities Engineering and Operations used the findings from the Project Review Meetings to determine priorities for strengthening the project management process for capital projects. The project management structure was implemented successfully in 2009.

Nexen Facilities Engineering now ensures that a Project Review occurs as part of the completion of each capital project. Smaller projects use the Project Review template without a meeting; larger projects use the template in Project Review Meetings.

Other Examples

Fall Line Systems has also led project review processes for plant turnarounds, complex regulatory submissions, offshore drilling projects, and complex commercial negotiations.