Project Portfolio – QUEST Facilitator Training

PCL Group Construction Company 1993-94


PCL Group wanted to bring new life into the Total Quality Management (TQM) initiative that it had begun in 1987. PCL management was convinced that improved construction practices could save up to 10% of construction costs (on $1.5 billion of projects put in place yearly by PCL, this was huge potential). The company decided to train senior managers from each of its 20 district offices to facilitate local work practice improvement sessions prior to the start of projects and in the midst of major construction projects. Lessons learned from these sessions would be incorporated across the entire PCL company.

Fall Line’s Role

Fall Line designed and led the training for the initial group of QUEST facilitators. Participants left the workshop with new skills and commitment to the QUEST project. We helped PCL build the ‘context for success’ prior to and after the four day workshop, advising on obtaining senior management commitment; who should attend the workshop; expectations after the workshop; and follow up. We coached senior leaders on their role in implementing a significant non-traditional change in their organization.


Within two months after the training, ‘quick hit’ improvement sessions had been completed in many districts, with each project achieving impressive cost savings. Within a year, the QUEST Facilitation process (the name for their TQM project) was incorporated as a way of doing business, and the training of QUEST facilitators was done completely in house. QUEST helped many construction supervisors broaden their leadership styles and produced very large dollar cost savings.